A2K Viral Transport Media (VTM)

The A2K Viral Transport Media (VTM) Collection and Transport System is intended for collection and transport of clinical specimens containing respiratory viruses and bacteria from the collection site to the testing laboratory for molecular analysis. A2K Scientific VTM is a self-contained, ready-to-use system that is stable at room temperature and consists of a balanced buffer solution to maintain neutral pH, antimicrobial agents, and sucrose as a preservative. This device has been specifically formulated for optimal use with A2K Direct and Pure Amplification products for detection of respiratory pathogens.



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  • Includes

    • 100 Collection devices
    • Demographic label
    • Swab if selected
  • Volume

    • 3mL
  • Optimal Compatibility

    • DirectAmp COVID-19
    • DirectAmp Influenza AB
    • PureAmp RPP


User Guide

Safety Data Sheets