A2K Scientific is a molecular diagnostics company at the forefront of new and novel technologies for clinical diagnostic applications.

As a developer of multiplex molecular assays, our mission is to create innovative solutions that support small and medium sized molecular laboratories.

To do this, A2K Scientific tirelessly pursues innovation and takes on new challenges that help to advance our multiplex real-time PCR technologies for four purposes:

  1. Lowering costs for consumers
  2. Lowering time required for sample preparation
  3. Increasing specificity and sensitivity when compared to market leader test kits
  4. Offering clinically tested, customizable panels

A2K Scientific delivers molecular PCR products capable of detecting multiple targets simultaneously. Our high multiplex assays deliver comprehensive answers in a single test. These real-time PCR multi target technologies include:

  • Direct Amplification PCR
  • Sample Enhancement (Inhibitor Capture)
  • Multiple Target Detection up to 5-channels
  • Clinical Flex-Modules