Background Spectral Calibration Plate

This kit is used for Background spectral calibration of your RT-PCR instrument equipped with a 96 or 384-well block. The A2K Background Calibration Plate serves the purpose of establishing a baseline fluorescence level. This baseline accounts for any non-specific signals that might interfere with the actual fluorescence generated by your target molecules. Please see your instrument maintenance guide for full instructions on use. Compatible with most PCR instruments including but not limited to Quantstudio 3,5,6,7, and 12 instruments.

Well Format


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Technical Specifications

  • Format: Pre-Plated 96 or 384
  • Volume/Well: 10µL (384 well)/20µL (96 well)
  • Excitation: N/A
  • Emission: N/A
  • Shipping: Next Day
  • Shipping Conditions: Ambient
  • Storage: -20°C